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Official Records / Deeds Department

Our Official Records/Deeds Department can obtain a copy of any document filed in the Recording Department. A search for a copy of a recorded document can be requested through this department.

To complete any deed search, the name of the grantee or grantor along with the year the transaction occurred is required. A legal description of the property is also helpful. Examples of instruments that can be categorized as official records/deed records include the following:

Specialty Warranty Deed
General Warranty Deed
Affidavit (various types)
Gas and Oil Lease
Deed Restrictions

Power of Attorney
Release of Lien
Quitclaim Deed
Royalty Deed

Open Records Request (PDF Form / Online Form)
Official Records Fees (PDF Form)
Livestock Mark and Brand Application (PDF Form)

Acceptable Forms of Identification (PDF)